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Corporation Introduction
Established in 1988, MingLi jewelry Corporation insisted the creed of "New Style, High Quality, 
Best reputation" as the objective of operation and service. Out continuously improved high quality and the best price have wined extensive compliment from customers. In 1995,MingLi Jewelry set exclusive counters in the Beijing HongQiao Market, in order to expand business and market. 
Currently, MingLi Jewelry Corporation has developed into a corporation owing its breed aquarium, 
processing basis and promotion institution. Besides, the company introduced international updated processing technique, so that the company can optimize the cost of products and raise the level of technique, in order to accord to the export standards.

Operation Scope: seawater pearl, freshwater pearl, South-sea pearl, Tahiti pearl, natural gem globe, calligraphy and painting, folk arts, and embroidery and raiment.

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